• Our business model does not allow us to profit until we drive up your revenue from where it has plateaued. Every consultation is analysed by Harvard business graduates and financial analysts whom hold a master degree in finance. We also have access to new industry leading AI technology in marketing. One of our first business accounts was making under $30,000 per month providing their 24 month history. We restructured an entire department from the ground up. In only six months the company more than tripled their revenue, bringing in six figure monthly income on a consistent basis.  

  • A successful business needs the product knowledge, professionalism and empathy that customers look for today. In other words, to be successful you must be the kind of person that you would buy the products from. The kind of professional that you would enjoy working with.

  • Our clients include, but are not limited to multiple high profile athletes, Auto Groups of all sizes and structures, convenience stores, top-tier restaurants and many influential individuals.

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Joseph odikadze

President of the company, Joseph Odikadze, has actively studied Finance & Insurance industry since 2012. After serving  as a Finance Director of one of the largest Auto Groups in all of New England and owning a Pre-Owned car lot, he has grouped a team of professionals with different backgrounds such as : Harvard Business School graduates, Master graduates in Science of Finance, and Marketing professionals that form social media networks with access to millions of people.  All of this is needed to MAXIMIZE business opportunities in today's very competitive market.